Patterson Wedding

I’m sitting here staring blankly at the screen, nodding off as I wait for pictures to load. Its been an action-packed, sleep-deprived weekend- mainly from the big wedding! Our good friends, Dan and Dani, got married Saturday evening. Garrett and I were both in the wedding party, which meant our little guys had a quite a bit of quality time with the g-folks (grandpa and grandma). Here’s some shots of the event.

You forget what a big deal the whole wedding scene is, how much work goes into it, and how entirely exhausting it is. However, the whole event turned out just great, despite the freezing winter weather.
Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Patterson! =)

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  1. oooh, who’s the fab girl in the maroon dress? Way to go for looking so fab with your hubby. I love weddings, and wedding pics are just as fun. hope you enjoyed a night out after the wedding!

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