our week so far: donut professor, night time contractions, and nibble confusion

We have a Monday morning tradition of going to the Donut Professor for a little Monday morn celebration. I’ve been wanting to get a picture since I’m not sure if we’ll make it much once baby girl arrives. Drew is a fan of any donut with sprinkles, while Isaac usually annihilates as many donut “decimals” as possible before we leave (on average half a dozen, maybe). It’s just fun to be out together, to chat, and to start the week off right- with a white creme eclair.

Isn’t I-man growing up fast? He’s such a little man these days.

Here it is- the beloved white creme eclair, quite possibly the world’s perfect donut.

Also of newsworthy note is that I have started labor! So this baby should be coming in the next week or two. That’s right…with Isaac’s delivery I had a very funny pattern of laboring every night for a week before he was delivered. I am happy to report that I have had fairly strong and regular labor both Sunday and Monday night of this week. Thankfully I’m on to it this time so I don’t waste half the night walking, timing, packing, etc. I just go to sleep and figure if it’s the real thing it will wake me. I did wake a few times each night from the strength of the contractions, but faithfully each morning they have stopped. So here we go again. My midwife says I have a very active uterus, explaining the fact that I have had regular contractions since 28 weeks! Downside: 6 nights of labor. Upside: I was dilated to six before I hit “hard” labor with Isaac. You win some, you lose some, eh?

And last but not least…

Over the weekend the baby was kicking hard in my upper stomach, so I grabbed Drew so he could feel her. The following conversation ensued…

Drew: Is that the baby punching?

Me: No, that is her kicking. Right now the baby is upside down. So her head is down here (pointing to the bottom of my stomach) and her feet are up here (pointing to the top).

Drew: Oh! So she is hanging from your nibbles!
Me: Um…more like my shoulders. (Geez- what do you say? It’s probably about time to correct the pronunciation of that word, or just teach him something else? It’s just still so funny to me. For the first “nibble” story, read the bottom post here.)

That’s all for now. Going back to the midwife this morning so I need to get me and the bugs ready. It feels like there are a lot of big things going on that I need to blog about…and will here maybe in the next few days. Funny, but it’s almost like when you have something really important to say and you just don’t know how to bring it up? That’s how I feel. So I’ll work on that. Have a great day!

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  1. Drew really cracks me up. I’d love to get a peek into that little mind of his. =) Excited that you are on your way to having that baby girl!! Can’t wait to meet her.

  2. YAHOO!!! We’re praying for the little lady’s entrance to the world of Swanberg’s!! We can’t wait!
    Oh man and nibbles… that makes me laugh HARD every time!

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