oh, drew…

Drew has been saying some funny stuff lately and I keep meaning to write it all down. He cracks me up all the time. Here are some of my favorite thoughts on…

Family size

While at the Donut Professor (our new fav Monday morn hang out- join us some time!), we were watching a “Rachel Ray” special about a family with ten kids. When they were explaining the background of how the lady got pregnant with two sets of twins and then sextuplets. Drew’s eyes got wide with delight as he turned to me, looked at my stomach, and asked, “How many are in there?” Upon finding out there was just one, his response was, “I hope we have ten kids some day.” (He just loves people, has always had a “the more the merrier” attitude. I love that about him!)

Advertising Effects

Drew is a testimony to the power of commercials. On his radio station he has learned a few. The other day he said, “Mom- did you know that Woodhouse has been serving people for over 34 years?”

One day Garrett and I were talking about the med center where we will deliver the not-so-little little one. Drew, from the backseat, pipes up, “You mean the Nebraska Medical Center? Serious medicine, extraordinary care.”

One day, out of the blue, Drew said, “Mom, I need some Skechers.” (brand of shoes that advertise heavily during Spiderman on Sat. morning)

“Why?” I asked.

Drew thought a moment, “I don’t even know.”

Reflections on the life of Christ

Drew: (upon reading the beginning of the gospels): I don’t think you need to worry about picking a baby name because an angel will prolly just tell us what to name her.

Drew (thinking at bedtime): Mom, God could take plain milk and strawberries and turn it into chocolate milk and THAT is a miracle!

Matters of faith

And lastly, Sunday morning Drew awoke to discover that there was snow on the ground- and he was upset.

Drew: It’s not ‘posed to snow in spring.

Me: Maybe a little boy prayed for snow and God blessed him with a special surprise

Drew (skeptical): God could have made it snow just on the little boy’s house.

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  1. Okay, Becky, I just have to say that I subscribe to a lot of blogs, but I seriously think yours might be my favorite. I crack up everytime I read a Drew quote. I was laughing so hard tonight it made my incision hurt!! 🙂 But I needed a good laugh, so thanks for sharing.

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