Ode to Tori

To my dear friend, Tori, this post is in honor of you for two reasons.

So I got an e-mail from Tor that for her b-day she wanted a visual update on the pregnancy- i.e. a pic. So I finally made myself take one this afternoon and I was shocked!
“How come noone told me my face is getting fat?” I yelled.
“There’s no easy way to say that to your pregnant wife,” my husband logically replied. Others present agreed. Which was fine- but I was hoping for a different response.

So- Happy Birthday, Tori!

Tori sent us a darling baby blanket that she made (crocheted I believe). I opened it and Drew instantly loved it.
“Drew have it!” he kept saying.
“This is for the baby,” I told him.
“I’m Baby Drew!” he replied.

Hmmm…this could be interesting.

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  1. Maybe I just haven’t seen you in seven months, but speaking as someone who is NOT afraid to tell the truth, I do NOT think your face looks fat. Thanks for the pic. ­čÖéTori

  2. You look awesome Beck! Thanks for posting the picture! I’m so excited to hear the news and will continue to pray for you guys in the next couple weeks!

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