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I must admit that this is one of those times I am blogging more out of obligation than inspiration. I am feeling so un-inspired lately: kind of busy, a little tired, lots going on…and nothing in particular to share. But for the sake of this site not becoming totally obsolete, I thought I would write something.

Things at our house are cruising along. The little guys are full of mischief and giggles as usual. Regrettably, Isaac has reverted to his 5:15 wake up time this week which is unfortunate for us all. Drew made a robot costume out of some boxes which he painted this morning. He thinks that is quite ingenious and is working on his robot-voice.

Isaac pulled the crock pot down on himself yesterday. Thankfully it was not on and didn’t have the actual porcelain pot in it. He escaped with a small dent on his forehead that is much smaller today. Last night he fell trying to make a sneaky and slippery escape from the bath tub, ended up bleeding from his top lip. Oh, Isaac..(sigh)

My brother made a funny observation the other day. He said, “Drew looks like Garrett but eats like Becky (fruits, veggies and sweets!). Isaac looks like Becky but eats like Garrett (meat and carbs!)” Good observation, Uncle Josh. (Seriously, Isaac began eating pork chops with just one tooth and can now eat his weight in pasta…it is borderline remarkable.)

There you go. Consider yourself updated.

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  1. Cute kiddos. I feel your pain with the crashing and bleeding all the time. Jonah fell the other day and bled from the mouth and chipped a small part from his tooth. I’m trying to tell myself to get used to it…

  2. Becky,I know who some of your bloggers are(Derrick-Shelby,Sam-Tonya) but what about the others? I would be interested in hearing why you read these or how you found them.

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