Part of settling a new addition into the family is finding a nickname.  Here’s what we have so far.


When Tessa Jo is hanging in her car seat, Drew likes to call her Cerberus, after the mythological  multi-headed dog that guards the underworld. Charming nickname, I know.

 I find myself most often simply calling her this, except when I’m calling her…

Smiley Cyrus
I don’t know when or how this nickname started, but it’s what we call her when she is beaming at us, which is more and more each day.
The nickname we hear the most is also the name that has  become the name of all Ella’s babies, bears, and frogs. And if you happen to meet us in Walmart, you will hear Ella say,
“This is my sister, Tessa Yo.”
Yep, Tessa Yo is pretty much our favorite. =)

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