new girl in town

(As I type that title I have the song from “Hairspray” in my head- love that movie, don’t you?)Thought it seemed like time to post an update about Ella. We haven’t said much about her progress because we didn’t word to get out and have people attempting to clone her at such a young age. Seriously. If there was a Best Baby Ever Award, it would go to Ella Renee, hands down. She is almost 7 weeks. She weighs 12 pounds. She’s cute. She eats like a champ. She sleeps 8 hours at night. Oh, yeah.

It is crazy, but with Isaac’s new night time antics (a different subject for a different day. I’ll give you a clue- there is a colony forming and it isn’t ants) and Ella’s stellar sleeping, I have a newborn and I am sleeping better than I have in 18 months. We’re talking 6 hours straight every night- WOW! I feel like a new woman, seriously. It’s amazing.
This night time sleep comes at a great time as we are starting to pack with the moving date just weeks away. Between our job ending here (June 30) and move in to our new casa (mid-September) we will be staying with some friends down the block. That’s right- me,Garrett, Spanky, Alfalfa, and Best Baby Ever will be living in a friend’s basement for 10 weeks. There is an adventure just waiting to be blogged about.
In other news, I started reading The Count of Monte Cristo and am digging it. I’m half way through and have decided that tonight is the night where I will finish it- come dawn or the end first. So I am off to feed the baby, quick clean the office, and then off to find out how this story ends.
Drew’s dinos giving Ella some female company

Party at our crib (also known as room time)

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  1. Looked over those pics again and had to say one more thing- well, maybe two. In the top picture, Ella has her pacificier. That particular pacifier (called a “bling bing”) was a gag gift and it is the only one she will take. She will have none other.
    The other thing is that any time my kids are looking seriously stylish, is was probably purchased by one of the aunts- Sarah, Shelbie, or Em. It's true.

  2. Are those dinosaurs wearing girl clothes and hair bows?? Claire will be much more into Drew's dinosaurs now . . .!

  3. Is this your first time to read “Count of Monte Cristo”? I love that book! Hope you liked the ending (I thought it was genius, though unnerving).

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