nanowrimo pitchapalooza

Of the gazillion entries for Pitchapalooza, I was not selected as one of the 25 entries to be judged and voted on. But you can go here to read the ones who were. And don’t forget to vote! I am hoping to find time to read and vote tonight. 

Who did you vote for?

Hope your Monday is going well. =)

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  1. I'm sorry, but I read about half of the Pitchapalooza winners, and all I could say was, “Bleck!”

    I didn't like any of the ideas I read, nor did I think they were interesting or even made any sense.

    Bring on MACY!!!!!

    You have so much more going on than the “random” selection of these 25.

  2. Thanks so much, ladies! It's nice to know that people were pulling for me. But the story is pressing on without a pitchapalooza debut.

    Tor- you will get to read it

    Stacey- thanks! Hope your little guy is feeling better.

    Teresa- I was a bit disappointed with some of the writing but realize that it is all raw like mine. I thought the Book Doctors were very gracious yet constructive in their feedback.

    Breaking news- what do you think of the title “The End Where I Begin”???

    And on an unrelated-but-kind-of-related-note, is it illegal to steal a song title for your book? Someone look into that for me.

    Fun to walk through this with you guys. =)

  3. Like the title – are you thinking of it to go with your book?

    On a side note, if you would have written 'nanowrimo pitchapalooza' as a blog entry a year ago, I would have thought you had temporarily lost your mind and began making up strange words.

    On another side note, I agree that the Book Drs were extremely gracious and positive.

    On yet another side note … it's almost March 14th!

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