my first big girl halloween: a guest post by ella

Hey there, it’s me, Ella. Kudos to you for reading this savvy, albeit a bit heavy on mom-stuff blog. I’d like to tell you about my first big girl Halloween.  
Here I am before we left trick-or-treating.  I decided to be a Princess with a Toothbrush for Halloween.  Some kept calling me the Tooth Fairy, but whatever.  The night started with pictures in the front yard.
Here is my oldest brother, Drew.  He is being a Bionicle (it’s OK if you don’t know what that is- it’s a new fangled way to be a robot.)

Here is Isaac pretending to be Spiderman.  It looks like he is web-slinging, but actually he was screaming, “No more pictures!”

Hey! Hey! Focus on me…OK that’s better.  Now here’s the rest of my evening.  Next we rode around the street so that people could give me candy.

This is me in my chariot  wagon with my friend who lives next door. (She is supposed to be a princess but I didn’t see a crown…so?) We rode together all around the neighborhood.

I said “Cheese!” a lot for mom so she could get plenty of pics. 

 Next we made a stop at our friend, CiCi’s house, who lives down the street.  Isn’t there a lot of us? The lady in the back is our neighbor’s mom. She is way cooler than my mom because she had a better costume.  She went as a witch and my mom went as Kate Gosselin…except she wasn’t blond, and didn’t really look different, so maybe she was just going as a tired mom. Kind of lame. 

But on to the good part: the after party.  We decided to hang out at our neighbor’s house for smores after the tour of the neighborhood.  And I knew that there is one key to enjoying this party: position. Oh yes, I found the untended candy bowl. 

My friend, O, found it, too.  But that’s OK cause we just shared. 
I went for it, people.  

 And then I went for it some more. (This picture is unnecessary but it does highlight my pigtails, which are pretty much my go-to look for social events these days.)

O and I discussed which candy we prefer, and then traded accordingly.  (He REALLY likes chocolate and I REALLY like lollipops.)

Caught in the act. So close to being done with the bowl.  But I didn’t let that get me down.

I snuck at tootsie roll on the way home.  

So, thanks Grandma, for the fairy costume.  Thanks neighbors, for the entourage. Thanks mom, for the toothbrush, though I lost it somewhere in the night. (You may want to send out a search party- I got big plans for that candy and may be in need of a good toothbrush!)

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