my beef with K-LOVE

I’m not usually one to rant, at least not in public forums that could be read and re-read. But I am seriously bothered by this. So here it is.

It’s been a long time habit of mine to turn the radio on when the kids nap, and I generally use K-LOVE. The K-LOVE pledge drive is going on right now. It doesn’t bother me that they have to ask for money. I have been affiliated on various levels with a non-profit for almost ten years- I get that you have to ask for money.  But the current pledge drive that is going on with K-LOVE has offended me on so many levels, I can’t help saying something.

1- You can’t have it both ways. K-LOVE likes to promote what they do as a “ministry”, and have gone as far to say on the air that when you give to K-Love, you give to God. I can swallow that. But if they really want to posture themselves that way, they need to lose the incentives, the pressure and the publicity.

  • Incentives- can you imagine if before the offering at church, the pastor were to say, “Everyone who gives today will be put into a drawing for an I-Pad.”
  • Pressure- for some reason, the trend this pledge drive is “group dialing”. Let’s all dial the number and hit send together and see how many people can do it all at once. Not a bad marketing strategy, BUT when you say that people are supposed to be giving prayerfully and as God leads, should you need this? Seems inconsistent.
  • Publicity- Christ specifically said that we should give in secret, so that our right hand doesn’t know what our left hand is doing. Just wondering if announcing people’s names on national radio to “thank” them would fit that instruction.

2. Christian Radio is not necessary for the spiritual health of America. They are at that point in the drive where they have to press to reach the deadline. Slowly there emerges talk of “What if you didn’t have K-LOVE?????” Callers phone in and lament the idea of life without it. Where is the hope? Where is the Christian music???? Sheesh, people. There are places in the world that don’t yet have God’s Word, and we are going to act like we will all suffer without K-LOVE? Oh, brother.

3. Oh, no you didn’t. Those were the words that popped into my mind as I listened to K-LOVE this afternoon when wrestling putting my daughter down for her nap. At 2:00 central time, the female DJ made a statement that said this: People all over pay money so that you can have K-LOVE for free, just like Jesus paid so that you can have grace for free. I’m sorry, ma’am, but there is very little similarity between those two things. And I find it extremely nauseating that you would even attempt such a comparison.

 I’m so tired of western Christianity in general.  And I guess K-LOVE sort of epitomizes the whole part about it that turns my stomach: a faith that is comfortable, me-focused, commercial, talks flippantly about Christ, and all-around cheesy.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  1. I feel the same way becky and stopped listening a while ago. K-Love is not needed for christians but instead for christian culture.

  2. The idea of matching donations, incentives, the easy pay auto removal of donations every month from accts o think this is all wrong

  3. KLove should step out in faith on one of these pledge drives and trust in God to fund them. If God wants them to continue, He will provide for it. Every time a pledge drive comes around, I change the channel.

  4. I agree totally. KLove is during their spring pledge right now, Apr 2016. What you said a few years ago is the same marketing schemes they are doing today, they haven't changed. I find it horrendous that they continue to do this and yet call themselves a Christian radio organization. Trust in God to provide, that is what they need to do. If He wants a ministry to flourish, He will make it happen. The way KLove is doing it, to them they won't survive unless you pledge your 40 dollars a month.

  5. I understand doing a pledge drive but I think they turn a lot of people off by asking over and over again then, playing one song and asking again for several minutes. I bet they would get a lot more donations if they quit pushing it so hard.

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