monday moments

Just a few snips of my day. Hope your week is off to a great start.

  • We painted this morning. Drew painted pictures of our Bible story, Isaac painted his tummy, and Ella mainly painted her booster seat. Ah, life with three. Still was fun. Thank goodness for washable paint. 
  • I piled the kids in the car to take the boys to get haircuts. If you’ve seen my boys lately, you may think we’ve adopted a new, shaggier philosophy of life. This is mostly due to busy months and so today seemed a good day for a trim. Once out of the car, I heard a scream in the parking lot and thought, “Some little girl is sure hurt.” I then learned that it was not some little girl, but my own six-year old boy, screaming unrecognizably because he closed his hand in the sliding door of the van. Poor dear. In the end, Isaac got a haircut (like a champ, I might add) and Drew got children’s tylenol and ice. He is sleeping now; hopefully the swelling on the main finger will go down within the day.
  • I returned to the kitchen after running upstairs to hear a little voice faintly calling, “Mama!” After checking the normal doors (bathroom, playroom, cabinet Ella fits in) I discovered Ella out the back door.  She informed me that she had stepped out to see the birds and then got locked out. Oh, my.
  • I read a stern warning about the new Pixar movie “Rango” over at Testosterhome. You may want to check it out if that movie was on your radar. Pretty disturbing what passes for a kid’s movie nowadays.
  • Read another good homeschool article entitled, “How long will you homeschool your children?” All you homeschoolers (or potential homeschoolers) may want to check it out. 
So das ist alles. Have a good Monday. 

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  1. Always enjoy your Friday posts. Never a dull moment at your home! Hope Drew's finger is feeling better. Think all kids seem to have that happen once in their life.

    I have a thought for you……have you ever considered cutting your own boys' hair? It doesn't take long to master the skill and over the years adds up to quite a savings.

    Have a great weekend!

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