Missing that little guy!

Drew left this morning on a quick weekend trip with my parents. They were headed out to Colorado and they offered him passage to go see some family out there- which he excitedly accepted. It hasn’t been twelve hours and I am missing him already! He’ll be back on Sunday evening. I may actually get some writing and correspondence done this weekend. Although there is still Isaac to fill every waking minute with the startling question “Where’s Isaac?”

On a totally unrelated note, one of our teens, Devlin, works nights at Panera as a baker. His schedule worked out this week so that he was returning home when the boys and I were eating breakfast, around 6:45 a.m. This prompted the following conversation.

Drew: Why does Devlin say good night in the morning?
Me: Because he is going to sleep.
Drew: Why doesn’t he sleep at night?
Me: Because he works at night.
Drew: (confused and frustrated): Why does he work when we sleep?
Me: Because Devlin is nocturnal.
Drew: Oh, I see!

Oh, Drew….maybe I’ll just call and check on him… =)

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