make new friends but keep the old

Ella and Elly

Around here we are still basking in the afterglow of a sweet weekend. There are some old friends that are just treasures, and even years passing and five kids added cannot dampen the fun of being together. So our dear friends, Jacob and Nicole, came to see us for a quick visit- and what a visit it was! Grilled pizza, Donut Professor, the zoo, the park, the backyard- all with five kids under five.  Nicole and I even snuck out one afternoon for some shopping. No wonder we were all exhausted on day 2!  

I was enjoying this view


Isaac and the ladies


Donut Professor…mmm…

Ella (who now says “Cheese!”)

Donut Professor (and the only shot I have of Drew!)

Someone made the observation that with certain friends you don’t have to sit and talk about the old days because life right now is still shared even though apart. So true.  More than having kids the same ages, it was refreshing to talk to people who are seeking to love Christ and live humble, purposeful lives in that pursuit. Oh, there were a few hours of conversation on topics like book club and love of fountain drinks (dare we say addiction? no, we do not), but there was also talks on homeschooling, house church, and following Jesus.  Thanks for coming, dear friends. See you next September =)

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