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Hello there, long lost readers. The postings have been a bit delayed due to moving, waiting on internet, finding the camera cord, and of course the small task of unpacking. But here we are. In the midst of it all, I also suddenly felt so much wiser with the passing of my 29th birthday. (sigh)

So…I have quite a little pile of pictures which I will stick up here. We’ll start with a few early shots of finishing the house. Painting the dining room
Lovely shot of me. This pic was taken by Eli on one of our work nights at the house. We had so many friends who really showed up and helped us carry this project at the end when we didn’t know if we could any more.
Entry way- the color is finished but the carpet came out the next day
Carpet tear out day- this is David, one of the teens who used to live with us, who came to help. The carpet came out pretty fast- but then there was hours of pulling staples and scrubbing ahead.
Later that afternoon it was back to painting.
Fast forward a few days- moving day! Ella was checking the place out a bit.
Dining room view from the living room
Kiddos first bath (we have a bathroom off the kitchen which seems a bit funny at first but I like how it plays out.)
Ella is digging the bath chair that we unpacked.
Ella posing in the pantry
Ella and the new appliances =)
Ella working hard to un-organize for me (She is a busy thing these days)

First breakfast in the new kitchen.

So there you have it. We came. We moved. And life goes on. But we are loving our little house, being back in our ‘hood, and this new season of life.

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  1. Oh my goodness… I LOOOOOVE it! I love the big wood trim, I love the colors you chose, I love the staircase; I really, really love it. So, so much.

  2. And I love the wood floor, and that you have a pantry.
    Okay, I'm done. I just really, really love it and wish we could have been there to help.
    Miss you all!!!!

  3. Fun to see the pictures even though I saw the house last week! You have done a great job with the house!

    Aunt Nancy

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