Kidless tonight

Tonight the little rascals were invited to a sleepover at their grandma’s house. I had anticipated the night as my chance to finish off the Christmas shopping, sip a peppermint mocha from Starbucks, and just roam the city a bit. Just after dinner, a nasty ice storm set in, turning our back porch into a hockey rink and covering our car in a thin sheet. So much for bopping around the town…

So here I sit. The guys are playing Call of Duty here in the living room and I am wasting a serious amount of time just sitting on the couch with my laptop. In the back of my mind is a list of things that are difficult to accomplish with kids around (vacuum the downstairs, clean out their toys, take an uninterrupted shower, form cohesive thoughts and express them, etc.) that I feel I should be doing right now. But it is kind of nice to just sit.

I visited a friend in jail today. It’s a sobering thing; the orange and white striped jumpsuits, the glass between you as you talk via phone, the girlfriends and moms who are so pained to see their loved ones in that state. The inmate in the conversation next to us just wept the entire visitation hour. It was good to see my friend, and I had a fresh appreciation for my messy car and traffic-filled drive home.

School’s closed tomorrow so it will be a snow day around here. Hot chocolate, board games, guy movies…bring it on. =) Hope you’re safe and warm!

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