just got back from the windy city…

..the windy city is might pretty but it ain’t got what we got…

(Anybody name that musical??? I’ll send you a Christmas card if you are the first!)

Hello there! We are back from Thanksgiving in Chicago! Or I guess it was Thanksgiving in Palatine, but any time you go within two hours of Chicago you always say you were in Chicago, know what I mean? My sister and brother-in-law let us invade, I mean, visit their new home and celebrate Thanksgiving them. To host our little gang was a very brave choice on their part, considering they have light carpet and new furniture! But we enjoyed their beautiful home and company for a lovely weekend. Here are some highlights.

I-man has modified his favorite look for winter- no clothes (which is not new for him) but now with the stocking cap

Uncle Matt giving a lesson on the Wii

Uncle Matt not sure what he has gotten himself into

Aunt Sarah and lil Ella
(She is naked or being changed in almost every picture because she kept exploding out of her diaper. After two days and a lot of laundry, it finally occurred to me to buy her bigger diapers- though size 4 seems ridiculous for a 6 month old!)

I guy declared on Monday, “I wan go back to Sayah’s house!”

Getting our grub on

Eating Thanksgiving dinner

On Wednesday night went out to celebrate Sarah’s accomplishment of finishing her Master’s degree! (Although did she really need a degree to tell her that she is a master in finance? We all could have told her that!) Congratulations, Sarah! (and sorry, Matt, about the following picture actually being on the internet)

Me and my little rascal

The three amigos

Other highlights of the weekend …
  • IKEA..need I say more?
  • reading “The Gathering Storm” by Robert Jordan on the drive out. It is getting soooo good.
  • Black Friday shopping with the fam
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Seeing the Morrisons’ new pad
  • IKEA…oh…did I already say that?
  • Being together with the family =) It was fun to all share Thanksgiving- mom, dad, Josh, kiddos, and the host couple
Consider yourself updated. We have bought the house and are working as we can to fix ‘er up and move in soon. The kiddos are doing well. Garrett’s job is fruitful but busy. And I am spending my time between laundry, cooking, and choosing paint colors. =)

I heard a rumor that Christmas is right around the corner so I need to get on that, too.

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  1. Wow, Ella looks so much like Isaac in that first picture … but then again, you and smiling Sarah look so much alike in the two pictures from the restaurant. It looks like family resemblances run strong in your clan!
    Glad you made it back okay,

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