Just enjoying the view

Aunts can be very demanding. This post is dedicated to Aunt Sarah who asked for new pics of the lil guys.

I took this shot of Isaac and Drew today. I just sat there in the kitchen watching them and I thought ,”I could watch them sit there together all day long.” Of course I didn’t really have to think through that option as the whole thing lasted about four minutes, as long as it took Drew to eat his banana. At that point Isaac chucked his banana over his shoulder and headed off to follow Drew. Glad I got the picture when I did.

I snapped this one a few weeks ago when the boys were watching the Backyardigans on the couch. I thought it was darling how Drew was holding Isaac’s hand. A few minutes after that Drew said, “Mom, will you hold him now?” I guess it was more a precaution against Isaac’s desire to tumble off the couch and not an affectionate gesture. Still cute.

I’ve been talking with my friend, Keri, lately about the task of helping kids learn responsibility and be hard workers. Following her lead, I adopted the philosophy of “We all work and then we all play.” Of course that isn’t true on all levels, but the idea is that instead of entertaining Drew while I attempt to accomplish things, we work together! So far he has learned to vacuum, dust, wipe down kitchen counters and cabinets, wash windows, various laundry tasks, and help me clean the car. It’s been really fun and encouraging to see him step up to the challenge with a willing heart (most of the time). And I’m getting more done and spending more time with him.

On to Isaac…where do I begin. Isaac is a force to be reckoned with. He is a surprising mix of sheer will and pure joy. He loves peekaboo, hide and seek, being chased around, tickled, etc. When I go to pick him up from his nap, he pokes his head above the crib. He immediately falls down and “hides”, waiting for me to peek over at him. The game continues as he stands and falls. He shrieks and giggles. (that’s the pure joy part) Now if I decide that the game is over before he thinks it is over, he arches his back and screams (that is the sheer will part). Yesterday he managed to jump out of his new jumper and escape from his high chair (with the seat belt on!). Look out world…

And who are these strangers? I know, you probably didn’t recognize us without the kids in the picture. Here I am with my fabulous husband. We are doing well. Garrett is recovering from an all-you-can-eat-taco night that our guys had declared a “Who can eat the most” challenge. There was a lot of smack talk about who would win, but at the end of the evening, it was my husband who came out on top. That’s right- 20 tacos later, he was the house champ. Garrett’s comment on the event: “Sometimes when you win, you actually lose..” Altogether, our guys ate 94 tacos. They actually had to use a cart to wheel out the plates each round. Pretty impressive. Pictures to come.

And as for me, I am doing well. I’ve missed blogging lately and feel like I have at least five posts brewing in my head. I’ve been thinking a lot about my time and how I spend it. I’m realizing that instead of seeing time as a precious commodity to be carefully spent, I see it as a suitcase that I cram as much into as I can. Quite a difference. Its been good to just take time to think through this phase of life, of how I can support my husband, what areas I need to focus on with my boys, even consider my relationship to each of our teens. Reflective times like that are clarifying, don’t you think? Brief, but good.

I’ll sign off with some Drew quotes from today:

While we unloaded a picnic basket at the park, Drew said, “This is going to be excellent.”

Drew was helping Mark clean out a room and needed a bathroom break. Once finished at the potty, Drew came running out yelling, “Mark! The mission is back on track!”


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  1. This was excellent — Thanks Becky for all the pictures and posts. And thanks Sarah for goading your sister.Dad

  2. At La Mesa I must say that Jared deserved recognition. I didn’t see his 18 coming at all and he willed #s 16-18 down because he obviously didn’t want to eat them. Garrett, just seven more and you had the record!

  3. Okay, we will be getting out to Omaha as soon as we possibly can because Lucy cannot wait to meet these guys! And I can’t wait to squeeze them! What marvelous little people!!!! Please let Drew know that I was wondering about “Shark”; is he still around? Is he enjoying Omaha? And wow… Garrett… that’s a lot of tacos…Love you guys! Miss you a ton!Nicole

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