It’s official…I’m in the terrible twos (and I’m not talking about Drew!)

“Drew’s the boss!”

“It IS about me.”

“No, mama….YOU obey ME!”

Hmmm…these are a few of the spiteful things that have come from the mouth of my “innocent” little Drew in the last few days. He’s becoming articulate in expressing his will and his opposition to mine. The whole experience is trying but providing growth for both of us; and thankfully his outbursts are usually pretty short lived.

Last night he was particularly difficult and I noticed something new. Drew is rarely blatantly defiant; he is often passively disobedient. Basically, he just ignores me. He doesn’t look me in the face and say, “No.” He just keeps doing what he was doing and hopes that I will move on.

And I began to think that in my own obedience to my Heavenly Father, I am a lot like Drew. It isn’t often that I actually say, “No, God. I will not obey you.” But often as I go about my day, I feel the tug on my heart to obey him in a small way. Maybe to stop and prioritize people over tasks…to apologize to Garrett..to pray instead of worry…this list could go on quite a long ways. And I sort of just keep doing my thing, maybe even justify why I’m not responding.

My subtle defiance is no less ugly or wrong than the outright refusal to obey; in fact my tendency to press on and hope the voice goes away is quite possibly much more dangerous.

This whole line of thought has lead me to conclude that perhaps it is not hearing God’s voice but heeding God’s voice that marks the life of his obedient child.

On a side note, in our post-bath time scurmish last night Drew informed me that he was the boss. I replied, “Really…should we call Daddy and ask him if Drew or mommy is the boss?” Little eyes and mouth went round…his voice got soft…he slowly shook his head and whispered, “No.” =)

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  1. sheesh, there’s nothing like having a kid to show us what our own sin nature is really like! good story, great reminder.

  2. You are amazing! What a gift from God to be able to look at the everyday things and find God’s heart. I applaude your insight. I learn so much from your wisdom. Thank you for sharing. Your ability to communicate is remarkable. May I encourage you to continue to use your gift. And I will continue to enjoy it ­čÖéTori’s Mom in CO

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