in the absence of a quick 5…

I know it’s Friday. I really only know because Drew is counting down to his birthday (which is Sunday).

We are sick.

The party’s been postponed. The house has been sanitized. Right now it is my husband who is going through the round of feeling awful/throwing up. Every child has had it in the last 72 hours. I have not.

I am a lone reed. 

That’s a movie quote, in case you didn’t catch that. 

So I’m not going to work out this quick 5 right now but I just wanted to hop on and say hey. 

Hope your Friday is so stinking awesome you don’t even have time to read this. 

Later, sk8r.

7 thoughts on “in the absence of a quick 5…”

  1. Now that you mention it, I'm feeling it. I think it's time.

    Get everybody at your house better and then call me, whether it's Maunday, Tuesday, Thursday or Wennsday, and I'll be there with my laptop, a rose, and my copy of Pride and Prejudice.

    Time for a little YGM

  2. How funny! I had always thought he was saying “a lone read”, playing off her book business. It never occurred to me that it would be a reed in the sands, refusing to bend to the wind. Makes sense!

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