in our sorrow

Lay down softly in our sorrow

Lay down sister to die
And cover over, my sweet Father
Cover over her eyes
Your broken body, it cannot weather
The years your youth still longs to spend
So go down graceful, sleep with the angels
And wake up whole again

Cause it was not your time; that’s a useless line
A fallen world took your life

But the God that sometimes can’t be found
Will wrap Himself around you
So lay down, sister, lay down


I’ve been listening to this song over and over this morning. I am so touched by the idea of “the God that sometimes can’t be found”. I don’t know how to describe it. I’m just sitting here, weeping as I type this.

Last Tuesday we returned from a trip to Colorado for Nana Leslie’s (Garrett’s mom) 50th birthday party. On Wednesday, we got a phone call saying she had died that morning. We were- are- so stunned by the news, by the reality that she is gone. We are so thankful for the last days we shared in celebrating her life of 50 years. We leave tomorrow for the memorial, so really I have about 100 things I should be doing other than blogging. But I wanted you to know, you our family and friends scattered around the globe, that we are hurting but trying to hope.

Thanks to everyone who has called and prayed. Thanks to the body at Core who is going to feed our guys while we’re gone. Thanks for our home community who listened and prayed so sincerely for us.

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  1. wow, becky…can’t even begin to imagine your shock and sorrow. thanks for making a quick post so we can know to be thinking of you. may He be of great comfort to you these days…rachel

  2. Hi Garret and BeckyWe read this morning in our devotions about the body of Christ and spoke about feeling hurt when another part of the body is hurting! We are a million miles away, but feel with you. You guys are in our prayers.Love and blessingsMartin, Eloise and the clan down under.

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