I-man’s Race Car Party

We were all on track for Isaac’s Animal Party (centered around a crocodile cupcake cake) when on shopping day Isaac declared, “No croc. Race cars!”  This was a tad stressful but I finally sighed, “Whatever. Race cars it is.” (Looking back- I’m thankful he gave me 48 hours notice as opposed to announcing this change of plans as I made the cake!)

The night before I baked the cupcakes and began to assemble, with the help of my sweet friend, Tracey. Here’s the picture from the What’s New, Cupcake? book.

And some of the pieces coming together…
Tracey hard at work- it was such a blessing to have her company and her help!
And the cupcakes cooling…
And the finished product!  The next day, Isaac woke from his nap to find his car all ready and  he let out a hushed, “Oooooh!” He was definitely impressed.
The top view- not a bad one to make.  I didn’t think the results were amazing, but it was certainly cute and not too bad on labor.  Total time about 2 hours (although I had help for one hour- so maybe more like 3 hours)
And here’s a few party shots…
Eating hot dogs (how predictable)
In line for the pinata (could also be titled “More bars in more places”)
Candy clean up
Opening gifts
I didn’t get very many shots of all the other party guests- Grandma and Grandpa, Dani, Reid and Shelly, Uncle Dennis and Clark, Uncle Josh, and Denise.  But thanks to all who came and celebrated three years of life with Isaac!
I’ve decided the key to party success is good back-up.  Trying to host, run, and photograph a party makes about as much sense as trying to be the wedding coordinator, photographer, and mother-of-the-bride! So my two friends who came early, help set-up, and then kept things running smoothly made the whole party much more enjoyable for me.
And that’s a wrap.  Race car party? Been there, done that.
(Other random side note, I notice now that I’m a blogger how I take pictures so differently.  It makes me wish I had a little more mercy on my scrapbooking friends of college days who needed to take pictures of everything. OK, I kind of get it now. I humbly apologize.)

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  1. HAHAHA! Had to laugh about the last comment about taking pictures. Yes, Becky..I remember you being not so thrilled with Tara and I during our Spring break trip out to Colorado….how many pictures could one take of us girls in front of mountains? Well, you should see my scrapbook pages:) Looks like you had such a fun party though – GREAT JOB on the cake..you're a natural at that!

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