I-man update

I am in total denial that Isaac is about to be ten months. In some ways it seems impossible, like I just blinked and he went from cooing baby to chewing machine. In other ways, he seems so much older than ten months!

As for vital stats, he is babbling and crawling (low-crawl not up on knees) but shows no interest in walking yet. He says mama and dada quite often. He loves to eat and play in the tub. He dislikes diaper changes, pureed foods, and fruit (Drew is our vegetarian, his favorite food being broccoli. Isaac is our carnivore, his favorite food being a tie between porkchops and ground beef.)

One of the best developments lately has been watching Isaac become such good buds with Drew. He loves to sit next to, lay on top of, chew on, laugh with, and just be near Drew. I love it!

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