I lack nothing

2020 has been a wild ride so far, but not wild like a roller coaster, wild like a toddler is steering us through full on, rush hour traffic. And now in the midst and accumulation of all the questions, debates, and surprises of the last few months, I’m turning my gaze to the upcoming school year.

Homeschooling on a normal year is enough to discourage me. The number of decisions, figuring out a weekly schedule, finding our daily rhythm (which changes significantly every year), and putting all the curriculum pieces into place with a loose hand and an open heart- it weighs heavy on the best of years. It’s not that I don’t think I can do it; it’s that I know what it costs.

Enter 2020.

This fall we have grades 10, 8, 6, 4, and kindergarten at our house. We have various communities we’re part of, and those communities have various responses to the current situation. As a family with an elderly member of the household, it matters to us how we respond to the pandemic, and it’s a bit exhausting to be the Voice of Caution on all fronts.

But here we are.

As I was in the midst of some tough decisions regarding our school year, I was reading through Psalm 23. I felt anchored to the first verse, like I simply could not stop reading it aloud.

The LORD is my shepherd; I lack nothing.

I said it again and again, letting it settle in and deal with me in deep and anxious parts.

The LORD is my shepherd.

With all that has changed around me this year, the One who protects and provides for me has not changed. His care does not waver, his gaze does not flicker, his love does not wane.

I lack nothing.

I have enough.

Enough wisdom to make hard choices.

Enough patience to love my kids as I face hard things.

Enough resources to move out of established patterns and do new things for school.

Enough grace to think kindly on those who don’t agree with me.

Enough energy to head up this mountain one more time.

Enough discernment to balance grandpa’s health and my kids’ education.

Enough joy, enough vision, enough space, enough understanding.

I have enough to do whatever is in front of me.

While my mind is telling me that “YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS UNDER CONTROL!”, this verse was a quiet assurance that the voice of scarcity is not truth. And while so many things have changed, the truth has not.

I’ve said it to myself thirty times a day since Wednesday. I lack nothing. I lack nothing. I lack nothing. I have enough.

The LORD is my shepherd.

I lack nothing.

Let’s do this.

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  1. Second time this week this particular verse and meaning have been brought to my attention. I’m feeling the roar of scarcity in my home too. So good to keep turning this reality….I have enough…his grace will abound for every good work. Thanks friend.

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