Horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, “Why the live feed?”

(Oh wait…I think that is supposed to be “Why the long face?” I was actually just setting you up for the subject of this post!)

I have added a clever little widget to the sidebar of this blog that tracks when and where people read this from.  I’ve seen this on other blogs, first over at my friend (well, I think she is still my friend though I haven’t communicated with her in ages. Laura- are you out there?) Laura’s blog.

Of course, the stats on this little ticker are a little inflated because I have been checking randomly all day to see who else is checking.  So a lot of those “Omaha, Nebraska” hits are from yours truly.

Why add this clever device?

I go through phases where I kind of wonder why I waste time blogging.  I mean, let’s face it, for the 207 posts that I have put here- I could have used that time to unpack my bedroom…or learn Chinese…or exercise…or…you get the picture.  So every once in a while I think maybe I’ll give it up.

Last Sunday, I was hanging with my cousin, Lizz, and the subject of a mutual acquaintance came up.  And as a side note, Lizz said, “Oh yeah, she loves your blog.” I was stunned- she reads my blog? For real? Not once has she commented (I will not name names, but if that applies to you maybe you should try that some time soon, huh?)

Another time, an acquaintance at church turned to me and said, “I don’t think you look that big.”  I blinked. First of all I was like 47 weeks pregnant with Ella- maybe not quite that much but I sure felt it- and second of all, I didn’t understand why a conversation would start that way. “I read your blog.” she stated simply, so she was actually referring to the series of posts that were dedicated to how swollen and huge I was (Sorry about that- for those of you readers who stuck with me through the “I’m as big as a whale” series I seriously apologize and thank you for your faithfulness) She reads my blog, I thought with a smile.

So the Live Traffic Feed is up.  And I would like to take this opportunity to say that whoever read this blog from Australia today pretty much rocks.

I would also like to take this opportunity to explain the eleven different templates and backgrounds I’ve used in the last two weeks.  I was having a form of that experience where you try something on in the store that looks AWESOME and then get home and think, “Ugh.”  So the blog looks were just not quite working. But I think this one is here to stay…for awhile.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Going to the zoo in the morning (that’s the Henry Doorly Zoo and not the pediatrician’s office, though I see how you could confuse the two) and that should be fun.  Last time the train was not running and Isaac talked about nothing else for a week.  A complete stranger would smile hi and then I-man would yell, “Train at zoo broken!” as if they might not know and really should.

Ella started blowing kisses. So fun.

Drew said today, “Mom, I thought of a new experiment that would test soil erosion.” OK, my five-year old!(For some reason he is really into soil erosion!)

I know I said that’s all, but I’m trying to kill time while I wait for the natives to fall asleep.  Seriously, bedtime has gotten out of control around here.

Here’s the two songs that I have been listening to non-stop. You should check them out and then…who knows…maybe tell us (me and my new friend in Australia) what you think…

Maybe by Ingred Michaelson

Learning How to Die by Jon Foreman

OK- time to stop the “Ignore the behavior” approach that my pediatrician talks about and get a little more “hands on” with the non-sleepers. 

Good night, readers.

6 thoughts on “Horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, “Why the live feed?””

  1. Well – just to reiterate – you *didn't* look that big when pregnant with Ella!

    And I *still* read your blog. May even start commenting now. 🙂

    Enjoy your wit, musings, and insights. 🙂

    Kimberly from Core

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I often feel my blog is pointless and that no one ever reads it, so the very, very, very comments I get are often a real boon! My devotional blog has me a bit in the dumps as it is the one I had hoped for some friendly interaction on, and I have absolutely nothing. Only one person I know of ever even checks it, and he's not into comments. Sigh. I love your blog: I often hit my blog page just to see who and what has been updated and always hop over if I see you've written something. So, definitely, please, keep going!

  3. I will now visit your blog just so my little corner of the world shows up on your list, even though I have the pleasure of receiving your blog by email.

    Oh, and my mom reads your blog. 🙂


  4. I have been reading your blog for awhile now too. I really enjoy it! I love reading about other mothers experiences.

    Bobbi Buchholz

  5. A personal note…

    Kimberly- you are so cute. So glad you *still* read and look forward to these possible comments.

    Stacey- appreciate how you live your life so honestly on your blog. Keep it up!

    Amy- thanks for the encouragement. I enjoy following the funny situations that always seem to pop up in your life as well =)

    Tori- so glad your little corner of the world is getting some recognition. And hi, Mrs. Marsh- thanks for reading!

    Bobbi- thanks for the comment. I agree that it is fun (and helpful) to hear the experiences of other moms! Hope your little ladies are well.

  6. I also read your blog – surely you knew that?! – but I register as being from texas due to my weird computer situations. Sorry I can't give you a more exotic dot on your map!

    I totally know how you feel about the blog thing, and i also totally blame google reader for it. If I actually had to go to your blog every day, I'd probably comment a lot more!

    AND don't waste your time learning chinese, unless you plan on moving there. I've discovered that environment really is everything, and if you're not in the environment, you might as well just open another Dr. Pepper and pop in an old movie. =)

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