holy ghost fish fry

Every year during Easter season I am reminded of how Catholic our area is. We have several Catholic churches actually in our neighborhood, and their surrounding lots and streets are crammed with cars on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Easter morning, and Friday nights through Lent. So we decided to join the masses and eat at a fish fry for dinner last Friday night.

We arrived at 4:45 and the place was packed (we’re talking 300+ people) but we soon saw why. Garrett dropped us off and parked a few blocks away as it was snowing pretty hard.
This fish fry seriously had their game on. We had fried cod (the boys had shrimp!), baked potatoes, coleslaw, salad, fruit, bread, and pickles! Those of you who have dined with me on occasion may recall my deep affection for fish-n-chips, so this was a welcome treat for me.

I-man was really more concerned about the dessert as he chanted his classic birthday greeting, “Where da cake?”

And here’s a little family shot. Maybe a new tradition was born- which is fine by me. (Wonder if any of these fish fries have a nice little side of chips…)

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