here we are

Ella is revelling in her discovery of how to drink from a cup.

So it’s been awhile. I’ve been busy riding the pendulum between the euphoria of “I can’t believe how much I love my house!” and the discouragement of “I”ll never be unpacked…and how is it dusty already?” So it goes. But we are doing well in the midst of it.

Loving the great outdoors

Not much time to post really. I just wanted to toss up some pictures and share my excitement over my coming weekend adventure- a trip to the Nebraska Homeschool Conference. It’s true- we’ve decided to join the ranks of homeschoolers, which is currently 7% of the population. Why we’re homeschooling, or rather how I feel about homeschooling, is quite a lengthy post and I will have to save that for another day. But I feel like this is the first official step. (Just FYI- I guess the hardcore homeschoolers actually refer to it as home educating. Thought I’d share that fresh piece of info with you.)

Ella is such a lady and always crosses her ankles =)

Kids are good. Busy. Crazy. Loving the backyard. Ella is climbing steps =( Isaac is chatting away. Drew is just sweet, helpful Drew. Garrett’s folks were here visiting over the weekend and we had a great time.

TTFN (as Tigger would say…)

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