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It’s been quiet around here (meaning this blog…not my house) for awhile.  We took a quick trip out to CO to see family and attend a funeral. The trip went well but managed to wipe out almost two weeks with preparations, trip, and then recovery (meaning laundry). So that is what we’ve been up to.

Here’s a few pics of day 1 at Ponderosa.  I seemed to have a hard time finding my camera the rest of the weekend…so there isn’t a whole lot to show for those days.  But these turned out fun.

Uncle Chad got a new jeep (called a monster truck by Isaac).  First the kids needed to investigate and honk the horn incessantly.  And then they went off to drive the mountain. Drew declared it the best part of the weekend.
Ella and Drew
I-man could be heard calling, “Buckle me!” from the backseat
Another thing the kids love about camp life is riding around in the golf cart. Ella climbed up all by herself and then began barking orders, I think for someone to drive her somewhere! She really thinks she is a princess, I fear.
Ella enjoying the view
Though it was chilly, Colorado is always beautiful.  And I think I prefer chilly over 94 and humid, as it is here today.
I’ve been sneaking glimpses at World Cup scores, blogs, updates, etc.when I get a chance. You may not know that I was once an international soccer player (if you can count playing youth soccer in Germany…) Still soccer was a huge part of early family life and I still get a rush out of watching soccer. Tomorrow U.S. plays their second game!

A final shot of Ella chasing the dogs. She loves these little guys that live at her grandparents’ house!
Guess that’s it for now-

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