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This space has been quiet for a few months (not this space as in the physical space I’m sitting in obviously. That space hasn’t been quiet in a decade.) But this little blog, the place where I celebrate homeschooling, overthink parenting, update you on my ongoing process of not getting published (still a success!), and air out some of the thoughts that are piling up, this space has been down a few months.

But here we are. You. Me. A nice clean space that’s all fresh and ready for new thoughts. So let me bring you up to speed.

First, the obvious change. My blog got an update thanks to Laura at Holy Cow Design. I am not the ideal client. I have no idea what I want, really hate making decisions, and then lost all motivation as rejection letters gathered in my inbox when I started sending out my latest manuscript. But Laura was (is) infinitely patient and gracious, and I’m excited to be back online.

View from the back door. Construction is noisy but entertaining.

Other things have changed around here, too. We updated our front porch, painted a few rooms, added a back porch, and are currently in a basement remodel. Those projects are definitely changing the landscape around here, but not as much as internal changes.

We have a teen, and the teen now has a cell phone. I realize this isn’t earth shattering in today’s culture, but it’s been a thoughtful and deliberate decision that we’ve weighed. The main effect on daily life has been convenience and a few funny text messages here and there (his GIF game is on point). But the phone has sparked a lot of thought and discussion between us about what it looks like to help our kids mature into people with healthy boundaries in regards to phones, social media, and the noisy culture we live in.

On the other end of the kids, our youngest has suddenly transitioned to PLAYING BY HIMSELF. For those of you without kids or with naturally independent kids, this may seem insignificant. But to anyone who has a child who is constantly at your elbow needing company, direction, and someone to actually play with, this development is amazing. Last week I wrote a lesson plan during the day without forcing a big kid to entertain the little guy. It’s a game changer, people.

Lest it seem like I’m crushing all the reading goals, I actually only finished two from this stack. ( Did you know OGRE ENCHANTED is a thing? Did you know and not tell me???)

Also of note- this summer I was reminded how awesome it is to read a book series. But as someone who is trying to purchase less and use the library more, waiting on the next book in a series can be a bummer. My solution? Two series. You read one as you wait for the next book to arrive in the other series, flipping back and forth. I read the Glamourist Histories series by Mary Robinette Kowal (think Jane Austen with magic- here’s book 1. Also- the books covers of this series do not do them justice, in my humble opinion). Right now I’m flipping back and forth between the Lunar Chronicles (futuristic dystopian fairy tale re-tellings set in space) by Marissa Meyer and the Poldark series by Winston Graham (a side bonus is that I talked about Poldark so much my husband started watching the TV show with me.) I read so much more because I didn’t spend time deciding what was next.

Last month, I said, “We’ve been really into reality TV shows this summer, ” and a friend replied, “Of course you have.” Wait- what? We’re reality TV show people? That was a dose of self-awareness I wasn’t expecting. Nevertheless, this summer we watched Blown Away (glass blowing competition), America’s Got Talent, and Forged in Fire (blacksmithing competition that’s structured episodically liked Chopped). But the real delight of the summer was Songland. You guys. Aspiring songwriters. Talented producers. Creative process. Lots of singing. A small dose of pop culture. It’s everything I need in a TV show. (And it got picked up for a second season!)

That’s just a taste of life around here. We’re five weeks into the school year, and I hope to write about some school stuff soon. I’m still sending out query letters for my latest manuscript but also started writing something new over the summer. It’s new and fun and terrible and fragile all at once. But I’m writing, and that’s a good sign for me.

As I start to reinvent this online space a bit, I’d love to know if there’s certain kinds of posts or topics that you look for here. Any thoughts? Send them my way.

Thanks for reading. More soon-

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  1. This is now the second time I’ve heard about Songland this week. I think I better tune in! Loving all of the changes here and hands in the air over that occupies toddler. Write on friend!!

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