Halloween has come and gone-much to the delight and regret of the boys. We had beautiful weather so we actually got to take our time trick-or-treating, and Ella and I even tagged along.
I was talking to a friend (and mom of three girls) about what they were being for halloween. “Oh princesses…again,” was her reply. To which I responded, “Superheroes…again.” Although I-man did opt for his favorite animal as he is not quite in the superhero phase yet.

And some random shots…

Ella in the wig

I-man in the excersaucer. He likes to balance in the headstand position for a few minutes at a time. He has been extra squirrely lately- but at least he is feeling better =)

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  1. That's so cool! My nephew Jim (now in kindergarten) was Iron Man for Halloween too! He got so excited every time he put on the costume that he couldn't stand still. He would run around and punch the air like he was fighting bad guys.

  2. Stacey-
    Your nephew has good taste! Drew was less into punching bad guys and more into the technology phase of being a superhero- he tended to put the costume on and then spend time adjusting his rocket boosters, testing his pulser blasters (or whatever the things on the palm of the gloves were called) etc. Hope you got pics of little Jim!

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