great adventure, part 1

It’s been a busy last few weeks. We packed up our house of six years, went to KC with family, celebrated I-man’s second birthday, and moved into our new condo (also known as the Peters’ basement.) One of the downsides of the condo is that my laptop doesn’t get internet. However, the upside of this downside is that instead of browsing the net, I actually read. Finished “Count of Monte Cristo” and “Wicked”. Feels good.

I’m not sure where exactly to start in the update. Kiddos are good. Hubby is awesome. We are getting settled into our quarters for the next few months. We’ll leave on August 1 for a little roadtrip (oh yeah! Don’t you love car trips??? I may not be saying that at the end of 30+ hours in the car with a preschooler, toddler, and newborn!) We are excited to to be away and together.

Well, I have a small window of time here, so I am going to try to hit you with the latest Drew quotes and slap up some pics before my internet time is done for now. Kind of random, I know. I have this deep post on motherhood that is brewing but I don’t have the time to hash that out right now. So look for that in the future. Here’s the latest sayings of our firstborn…
A minor clarification about the summer reading program
“If I read 10 books at the library, do I get a jetpack or a backpack?”
Our new home
Drew to Isaac (as Isaac points at our old house): We aren’t going there, Isaac. We belong somewhere else now.
Lactation tips
“Mom, if you would drink some caffeine, maybe Ella would be able to stay awake better.”

Reflecting on the KC weekend
“Worlds of Fun is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”
(There is one more and I can’t think of it which is so irritating. Oh well…)
My time is running out so here are some pics of our time in KC. More later =)

Ella is becoming a hand-chewer

Uncle Matt and Aunt Sarah with Ella

Drew riding the train

I-man and grandpa


Drew and Snoopy

Me and the little guys

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  1. I love the pic of Isaac with mouth wide open and life jacket on. That is how he looked for about 4-hours at Oceans of Fun – beaming!

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