friday quick 5

In the true spirit of the quick 5- let’s make this quick!

1. Potty training has been successful with Isaac.  We are still mastering the “use the potty with clothes on” technique- which is particularly tricky in public restrooms when he so strongly desires to strip down before doing his business.  With the mastery of using the toilet has come the side effect of loving the word “poop”.  To Isaac, poop is a punchline to be added or inserted at any time. Drew has gladly joined the party, leading to many moments of exclaiming, “Enough with the poop jokes.”  At one point last week, I expressed, “I am so done with this poop phase!” to which Drew replied, “Who you calling poop face?”

2. We’ve invented a new word at our house.  When we have questions, we often google it to find out.  Do sharks have bones? Google it. What should we feed our caterpillar? Google it.  Sometimes the need to google arises from a disagreement- such as was Bruce Willis in The Italian Job? In this case, when you google something to prove a point- we say that you have to proogle it. Really- you think you know the #1 hit movie of the 80’s? Proogle it.  Just remember you heard it here first, folks.

3. I have two vases of fresh flowers in my house and that makes me so happy. One are daisies, which we all know are the friendliest flower (thank you, Meg Ryan.)

4. My favorite city that I’ve ever visited is Prague.  I was quite delighted to learn that my husband is of the same opinion.  It is the only city in Europe that has never been bombed in a war.  The architecture is beautiful.  The people are friendly.  It’s cheap.  Some day we want to go back there together. (On a side note- tomorrow it will be ten years since Garrett and I started dating. A decade together.  Sheesh…let’s go to Prague to celebrate!) Ernest Hemingway said something like, “America is my country and Paris is my hometown.”  I would like to be familiar enough with Prague to say a similar sentiment, but it would be an exaggeration at this point. (What’s that?  You don’t think Hemingway said that? Proogle it.)

5.  The best for last- Baby Fiona was born!  My sweet niece was born on 8-8 at 12:12.  How’s that for originality? Both baby and new parents are doing well. (And we are bearing the absence of grandma, who has gone to dote on the new baby, with great fortitude)

My hubby is heading out of town for the weekend to visit Uncle Hoon (otherwise known as Chris) in Illinois.  I am very excited for him and hope it is a marvelous weekend. The kids and I will be here, hanging out and hanging on for the return of daddy and grandma.

While trying to proofread this, I look over to see Ella dialing someone on my phone, Drew playing with a camping lantern, and Isaac standing on the bar stool singing “Shaking my boogie!”  Sheesh…we may need some reinforcements for the weekend…

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  1. Proogling in action …

    KATHLEEN: I love daisies.
    JOE: You told me.
    He puts the vase on the kitchen table. Kathleen plays with
    the petals.
    KATHLEEN: They're so friendly. Don't you think they are the friendliest flower?
    JOE: I do.

    … from the one who dusted her pack and play off on Wednesday

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