friday quick 5

1. You know you have settled into your role as mom to boys when you are asked, “Where are the kids?” and you nonchalantly answer, “Upstairs changing their clothes for ninja practice.”

2. This morning in the shower I was thinking about the Proverbs 31 woman. (This is not my usual line of shower thoughts, which typically vacillate between “I wonder if I’ll have time to dry my hair before the natives emerge from room time?” and “What am I making for dinner tonight?”) But today I was thinking about Lady P-31. And in my thoughts it occurred to me that the really radical thing about her was not that she was up late and rose early, not that she ran a side business, not any of the other zillion things she seemed to accomplish in her day, but this- she extends her arms to the poor. What is that about? Somehow she manages to run a efficient and joyful household while at the same time considering the needs of the world around her, particularly the poor? Woah. It seems we function in a western church society where you are considered missional if you join a small group. I’m not knocking small groups, I’m just saying there are a lot of hungry mouths and empty hearts that will not be impacted by our commitment to our church but by our commitment to our Savior. I think I’ll stop there before I further alienate whoever is still reading. But as I had the thought and chewed on it, I suddenly felt like it was going to be of significance in my life….guess we’ll see.

3. My boys are super into the book “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. Isaac in particular yells, “Max and wolf suit!” when it’s time to pick a book. I like to call Isaac “the most wild thing of all.” =)

4. At bedtime last week, Isaac was getting a spanking for his continued partying past curfew. This conversation ensued..
Isaac: Dada!
Me: Daddy will spank you if I call him.
Isaac: (stubbornly) I want dada!
Drew: (trying to offer insight) Isaac, don’t ask for daddy because he spanks harder!
Isaac: (thinks a few seconds and yells) Grandma!

5. Drew is setting some goals for the years to come. Last week he announced, “I think when I turn six I will grow a goatee.”

That’s all from us.

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  1. My husband wants boys like yours, I promise you.

    Thank you for the thoughts on Lady P-31. I think you're right: we all aspire to be the “Martha Stewart” of the home, but few look outside it. I will begin teaching the Proverbs to our high school girls soon and will be teaching on this subject before long. Thank you for the challenge. It's something I need to pray on.

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