friday quick 5

Sorry folks, no pics this week.  I really overdid it last week and set that bar way too high.  Not making that mistake again…

1. Funny Things my kids say-

  • Isaac calls sidewalk chalk ‘hot chocolate’
  • he also calls the neighbor, Isabel, ‘Tinkerbell’
  • Drew calls his whoopie cushion a ‘toot bag’
  • Ella screams “Ow-ooooo-ga!” in the car

2. Our first tomatoes are reddening and we are excited.  BLT’s for lunch today.  I feel like Barb (the author of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) would be so proud of me for growing my own food. Of course she might take up issue with the store-bought bacon, shipped-in lettuce, amount of chips that will accompany it…sigh.  We have so far to go, Barb.

3. In efforts to pick next month’s book selection for the Ladies Book Club, I googled ‘best books ever’. I found a list of the best books of all time that was voted on by over 300,000 people.  So I started to read.

#1- To Kill a Mockingbird. I was jiving so far- that is a wonderful and significant book.
#2- Pride and Prejudice.  Read my mind
#3- Twilight.  Ummm…is this for real?  It’s a good story but…hmmm…
#4- The Book of Mormon.  And I clicked away.

4. If you had to make a list of books that changed your life, what would be on it? I was thinking on that in the shower and thought of a few:
        – Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott- my mom read this to me when I was in third grade and it began a lifelong friendship with classic literature.  Still love that story!
       – The Tragedy of American Compassion by Marvin Olasky- read this in college and it radically shifting my thinking about the poor, welfare, government, and the church in all that.
       – Confessions of a Naughty Mommy: How I Found my Lost Libido by Heidi Raykeil- OK, so this would be a topic much easier to just ignore.  But seriously, folks, intimacy definitely takes a hit in the realities of having kids.  I came to a point where I felt more like a walking, diaper-changing, milk machine than a woman, and that was not a great point to be.  This book is not from a biblical point of view, and may not speak a thing to you.  But I cried out, “God, help me change!”, read this book, and a revolution began (that is all I’m going to say- I mean, really, my dad reads this for goodness sake! If you are interested, my husband would probably send you a free complimentary copy of the book.  And then, if you take it to heart, in a few months your husband would  probably send him a thank you note…or a case of beer…or a new Weber…or whatever men send each other in gratitude!)

5. Nicole S. in Wichita- please bring your husband and your two little girls to visit us soon. We miss you. A lot. Please come.

Those are my Friday thoughts.  TGIF! Looking forward to the weekend which includes going to the Donut Professor, hanging with two of our former teens, building assembling a storage system for school stuff, and Sabbath celebration with my church. See you on the flip side (I have no idea what that means…)

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! THIS made me get a little teary!!!
    (1) I made FRIDAY QUICK 5!!!
    (2) I was already planning on CALLING YOU tomorrow! Isn't that crazy! The Lord must be trying to get us together!!!
    (3) My favorite book is #1 on the all-time greatest books!

  2. I have to interject here.
    For all of you who were born about the time of Becky, here is what the “flip-side” means. Back when I was a youngun (in the 70's & 80's), we had to buy records. A single song was called a 45 because of the dizzying speed at which the record player went around. Larger albums (LPs) had slower settings of 33. Anyhow, on the back of the single record was a completely obscure song that was probably on the LP, but hardly ever released on the radio. The “flip-side” is the other side of the record. If you know the flip-side or the 'B side' of the single, you were really into that group. Now the saying has morphed into meaning “the next time around.” Which I will say, Becky used quite correctly, as usual.

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