friday five

1. I was taken hostage by a book, “Quentins” by Maeve Binchy, and was released just an hour ago. Don’t you hate it when you hit that point of no return, the moment in the story where you simply have to read it before being able to perform everyday duties, and you find you just literally can’t read it at the moment? Such was my case this morning as I was sneaking sentences and pages between breakfast, room time, and getting ready. At 9:30, I realized that I was not ready for the day, my boys were watching Little Einsteins (Isaac in only a diaper), house in pieces, and friend and play date showing up in an hour. I said to myself, “Becky- be a grownup and put the book down.” So I showered, dressed kids, straightened house, made coffee, and then was able to finish the book as we await our friends. And let me say- such a nice ending. (And the heroine’s name was Ella- so it “had me at hello”, so to speak)

2. Drew has been working on Isaac’s vocabulary. He will break down words and then have Isaac repeat them. I’d say it is a beneficial exercise for both boys. It has been humorous to hear him break down works like “uck-oh” (what happens when you yell on a mountain) and bo-doz-er. I read somewhere that the average 2 year old learns 8 new words each day!

3. We have declared war on the weight of our 20’s (yes- I do mean literally the weight we gained) and our inactive lifestyle of the last few years. It seems funny to say inactive when we are so busy and always on the go…but not a lot of time for exercise. So we are at it again with a new determination to be healthy. I’m excited for us…but not so much for the impending need to slay my cravings. And especially on the brink of watermelon season. (Sigh) And 50 cent fountain quarts at QT. (longer sigh…slight groan)

4. Ella is taking busy to new levels, with tricks like opening the back door, removing DVD’s from the DVD player, and being a general nuisance. I am in denial that she will be 1 in 9 days. I feel like my newborn is turning one…how did that happen? Seems like it goes faster with each one.

5. I started dinking around on a website called authonomy.com, a place where people can post their writing. It is a neat set-up- you have a bookshelf where you can keep five works. As a work is placed on the bookshelf it goes up in rankings, and you as a reader can also be targeted as a good eye for talent if things you pick make their way up the charts. So I started to read a few things and…they were terrible. Like really bad. Like, “Do these people have spell check?” kind of bad. So so much for that, I guess.

Weekend plans include grocery shopping, day one of new diet (always brutal), prepping for upcoming events (Ella’s b-day party, book club, and baby shower), and hopefully some nice weather. Happy weekend to you!

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  1. So fun to read and hear a little slice of life for you these days. I am sure you just loving your home and all that it brings. I am hoping you are well!

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