finally friday

Our camera was missing for a few days, and I was hesitant to post two lengthy bits without any pics. Thought that would drive the readers away for sure. But since the camera just showed back up, there will soon be pictures anew…but not tonight. Tonight I am trying to get caught up on life while our guys are out at opening night of “The Watchmen”- the latest superhero flick. Really on my list of things to do, updating this blog is not all that urgent but there are a few stories I have been wanting to post before I forget them.

I-man is starting to talk more. He has started to say his own versions of people’s names around here, David being “Day-day”, Alex is a very enthusiastic short ‘a’ sound, and Mark is simply “Mmm.” So that’s been fun.

We’ve been watching American Idol and Drew usually catches a bit with us before bed. On one of the audition shows, a potential contestant lifted his shirt and yelled, “I’m the next American Idol!” Drew thought this was hilarious, and loves to repeat both the saying and the action, which in turn makes Isaac bare his belly and scream. Funny in room time. Not as funny during the lunch hour at Village Inn.

And here are two conversations from around here that are blogworthy.

(Father and son chatting about the baby)
Drew: When my baby girl grows up, can she be my wife?
Garrett: No. But she will have cute little friends and one of them can be your wife.
Drew: Oh, I see!

(One of those mornings where the pregnant lady was very sleep-deprived and VERY emotional. Husband and wife chatting.)
Garrett: And on the bright side…you’re having a really good hair day.
Me: (sniffle, sniffle, tearfully) I know.

So that’s about it for the Friday evening update. It has been a very up and down last few weeks, but we are hanging in there and trying to just enjoy the ride.

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  1. Thanks for your faithfulness in posting even in the midst of the roller coaster. I just have to say that I think it’s amazing and hilarious at the same time that Garrett even knew the difference to know it was a good hair day…I usually have to tell Sam when I get a hair cut:)

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