Family Vacation

We recently took a road trip to Wichita, Kansas, for a little time away. We were hosted by our dear friends, Jacob and Nicole, who put up with our noise and mess for five days. (Ben Franklin said, “Fish and house guests stink after three days.” We were definitely pushing it) Anyways, we had a truly wonderful time. I can’t exactly put my finger on the one thing that made it so fun, but it was just a great weekend. Drew cried on the morning that we left, and I wanted to cry a little, too!

I was looking at our gazillion pictures and it occurred to me that this vacation had everything a two year old could want:

A dog to walk and play with &
a dad who has no work to do and is not answering his cell phone

A backyard to explore and a willing fellow explorer

A trip to the zoo

Friends to play with
Lots of time reading books, drawing animals, and just being silly

Come to think of it- I think two year olds could plan a better vacation than most! Drew may be on to something… =)

God, who richly provides for us, knew just what we needed. Thank you, Lord, for our good friends and for a restful time together.

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