Fall days

What a crazy week we have had! Just in the last seven days, so many things have happened. We have moved down to the basement and are starting to get settled. We got two new teens last week- both really fun guys. I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. Isaac is starting to get teeth…we think. And in between all that- lots of cooking and playing games. Its been busy but good.
Here’s a few other highlights.

Introducing Super Drew! Drew announced the arrival of this superhero once he stuck his ‘snuggly’ in the back of his collar.
Drew and I made the world’s largest batch of pumpkin bread (due to a mathematical error by mois early on in the recipe!)

I took this pic of Isaac and Brandon- isn’t it great? Within two hours, it was framed and hanging in the dining room.

Drew started shaving.

Never a dull moment around here!

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  1. hey I like your fallish background. Two days ago I dropped my cell phone in the bathtub, and that’s after my husband asked me not to talk on the phone in the tub. hmmmmm. Pumpkin bread sounds nice and fallish, and you’re the third person I know to have made it this week. I’m overdue, gotta make a batch tomorrow. Fun times and happy pics. 🙂

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