Kids say the darndest things. Here’s a few I’ve been meaning to record for posterity.

Me: (in a conversation about obedience) Mommy has to obey daddy and Mr. Bill, because he is my boss.
Drew: What’s a boss?
Me: It’s a person in charge of you.
Drew: Bill is not the boss…grandpa is the boss!
Me: No…Bill is my boss.
Drew: Well…grandpa is MY boss.

Drew: Are toots green? (referring to the ever popular subject of flagulence)
Me: No, they are invisible.
Drew: Oh….now I see.

Drew: (while praying) God- please help mom to grow up to be big and strong like me.

At Drew’s birthday party, he was enamored with his new toys but told he could not open them until everyone left. So he announced, “Ok, e’ryone can go now!”

And our personal favorite…

Drew: (While riding in the car on the way to church) Are we almost to church?
Me (thinking I would seize the chance to expand his idea of “church” a bit): You know Drew, church is not the building we go to, it is the people who love God and meet together.
Drew: Hmmm…that sounds dangerous.


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