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We’ve been home almost two weeks now and I still haven’t written about our trip! First there was so much laundry to do, and then there were so many pictures to sort through….and pretty soon the whole idea of writing about it had been built up in my head. So here are some highlights of Florida 2008.

Through Drew’s eyes- “Did someone say T-Rex?”

We spent a week down in Orlando, three days of which we were at the Disney parks (Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios). Though the theme of the week should have been Mickey Mouse, through Drew’s eyes the theme was DINOSAURS! (For those of you who have not interracted with my toddler lately, he is way into dinos. One of his early intro questions is always “What’s your favorite dinosaur?”) Animal Kingdom actually had a “Dinoland” which we hit on day #1 of our park tour. Everything else paled in comparision. Here are some shots of the dino experience.

Me and the little guys on a parasaurolophusRiding with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Matt on the flying triceratopsA balloon guy actually made Drew a t-rex balloon animal!!
Drew also thoroughly enjoyed our resort. Here is playing at the fountains and below at the “beach”. Thank to his uncles, he made his first sand castle. (I guess you’d say he hauled water for his first sand castle because that’s about all he did!)

Drew also was a big fan of the gecko living in our condo, the powdered donuts he ate every morning for breakfast, and the stroller we rented for him at Disney world. All in all, he travelled great and had a blast even if he didn’t quite get the whole Disney aspect of it all.

Through Isaac’s eyes- which were mostly closed…
Isaac was a great little traveller, too. He slept on both flights on the way there and took naps in his stroller when we were out during the day. He seemed to enjoy the “Small World” ride with the singing and dancing people. He had a lot of photo ops as his Aunt Sarah snapped numerous pictures of him. He also started crawling, broke two teeth, and decided he was done eating baby food. It was a big week for him!

Sporting the Mickey earsChilling in the stroller

I-man and Grandpa Dave
Hanging out at the pool (which he didn’t really care for)

Through my eyes- “A week already?”

I missed my husband a lot. Just need to get that out there. Besides that, the week was great! We had so many fun days of seeing and doing things, plus relaxing nights of playing cards and hanging out. It is a rare treat to have that length of time with my family so just being together was really special.

Disney World with two little ones is a different experience. I saw bits and pieces of it but was more focused on helping Drew enjoy it or thinking through what was next for Isaac. The little guys did so great and my family helped out a ton. I think I’d agree with Drew that Animal Kingdom was my favorite- there were a lot of cool rides and exhibits there, including a safari!

Sarah and the litte guys

Hollywood Studios (the San Fran background is fake…like a movie set…like Hollywood….get it?)

Magic Kingdom Castle
(Drew was confused by the talks we had before going…he thought we
would be sleeping in the castle at night!)

That’s the main events. So much fun. =)


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  1. Thanks for posting about your trip! I’ve been wondering how the boys did, so I’m SO glad they did great. Glad you had such quality and fun time with your family:)

  2. aaaahhhh! i love your pics!!! ok, for starters, i can’t even say the name of the dino you were pictured with AND I’ll have to brush up on my dino names if I ever meet drew again. but, way fun times! and you can tell him that I too love powdered donuts. In a big and serious way. We’d be good friends, drew and me. 🙂 I loved seeing pics of your fam too – it was like flashbacks from decades ago! Isaac has such a sweet face…what a pretty little guy, but don’t tell garrett my choice of adjective! andd i was totally fooled by the san fran backdrop; weakminded, I guess! thanks for your pics! i loved them all!

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