dino-mite party

Today we celebrated our little guy turning four years old. And, of course, that meant a dinosaur party! We really had a fun time. I told Garrett a few weeks back that my goal was to be prepared and able to really enjoy the actual day- and I was and I did!

Party planning with Drew was totally a riot. From his insistence that his cake have a “meat-eating dinosaur” to his concern about their being plenty of pink streamers for the girls, he had thought through the entire scene. Here are some shots of the day:

Drew posing with the cake

Blowing out candles

Close-up shot of theT-rex cake. I ordered this set off the internet- the T-rex actually goes in and out of his little cave and has a motion sensor…and roars! When I showed Drew the cake this morning, he said in a awed whisper, “That…is…awesome.” (And it is the easiest cake I’ve ever done! So if anyone wants to borrow the set- just let me know!)

Opening gifts

Playing “Pin the tooth on the T-Rex”

Grandma Ruth and Drew bug

All the party guests (the little ones anyways. Drew’s guest list consisted of 3 kids and 18 adults!)

Party guests (and neighbors and dear friends!) Reid and Shelley feeling the party spirit.

I-man giving the pinata a wack.

It’s hard to believe that our firstborn could be four years old. He is such a delight, so full of life and questions and laughter and grace. Garrett and I are constantly amazed by his ability to reason and learn and understand. He is SO excited about his little sister’s arrival and great big brother to Isaac. We’re just blessed to have him.

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  1. The pictures were awesome- it’s like I was there! 😀 The cake looks incredible! and I’m really glad you felt prepared and were able to enjoy the day- that’s a special gift to you AND your family.

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