decision time and a surprise ending

I mentioned that the whole paint selection process has been just that- a process. In my mind over the last few months, I have settled on colors, only to have doubts pop up and make me question myself. So it wasn’t until yesterday’s deadline of “You have to buy the paint and actually drop it off at the house today” that I could really seal the deal. So I prepared to decide. To commit. To go and not look back.

First I put the boys in room time and Ella down for nap. Then I prepared a work area…ending in the kitchen table looking like this:

I was going to clean it up before taking the picture, but we are committed to honest blogging here, folks. So there you have it.

Next I focused in on the greens because, let’s face it, I always knew this kitchen would be green. So I looked and looked. Hemmed. Hawed. Held things up to the light. Pretended to see variants in color, shadow, mood. I knew I needed to just pick one of these.

But something still wasn’t right. I couldn’t bring myself to commit. It was very odd because I felt so subjective and just “gut feeling” about the whole ordeal. And then I saw it…just laying on the table across from me… and I knew that apple peel was the color for me…

Yes, it is red. Which makes sense because my old kitchen was red and I really liked it. One thing I have learned about myself is that I tend buy the same things over and over, just in new colors or variants (Birkenstocks, clogs, puffy vests, plaid scarfs…the list goes on) I’m not all that innovative when it comes to…anything. But seriously- who would not love to have a red kitchen? I mean, think of all the red things that you really like. Like this…

and this…

and this…

and especially this…

(On a totally lengthy and sort of related side note- I am such a fan of the new red washer/dryer craze. I know it’s ridiculous- you pay extra for the color of the appliance and it doesn’t have make any difference in how your clothes come out. But don’t you just want to walk into your laundry room and see this beautiful set of appliances sparkling at you, declaring to you, “This laundry is important, dang it!” To which you respond, “I am the lucky woman who gets to use this red washer and dryer!” There was a brief period where we thought the red washer and dryer were going to make it into the budget for this renovation but, alas, it was not meant to be. Which is fine by me, but a girl can dream, can’t she?)

Ummm…where was I? Oh right, I picked red. I actually like to call it Shire Red. In the last week I watched all of the Lord of the Rings movies (the extended versions, of course) with my sis-in-law who was visiting. Needless to say, there have been a few quirky side effects besides the lack of sleep. One of them is renaming all paint colors I choose with Lord of the Rings names.

(This blog is going from random to quirky to just plain silly. I’ll try to wrap this up quickly.)

I headed to Lowes to buy Shire Red. Ninety minutes later, I emerged with three boxes of tile and the needed paint. The whole scene in the store was…I’m not sure how to even tell that whole story on here. But mission accomplished…sort of.

I woke up to buy green, decided to get red, and left with blue, Weathertop Blue, actually. =)

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  1. haha! We just re-watched the LOTR series this weekend too! What a funny coincidence! (though, my lotr IQ is so very, very low and we really only watch it to avoid being poorly labeled by freaky LOTR fans in our city…ANYWAY –)

    haven't actually been to your blogsite in a very long time (I usually just read it through google reader) but I really like your changes! It looks great.

    We always enjoy hearing from you and what's going on in your life – but feeling pressure to blog takes all the fun out of it, in my opinion.

    Ok – anyway. just dropped by to say hey, hope your painting goes well, and way to be impulsive.

    Over and out.

  2. LOVE the renaming of the colors. And now I have a curious longing to see what Weathertop Blue is and what tiles go so well with it. I hope you'll give us an update on that. (And Shire Red, by the way, is inspired.)

  3. I love random to quirky to just plain silly. Can't wait to see what you decided on! I'm going to have three cups of tea this afternoon. Or is it three cups of T?

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