in the bathtub…
with the broken end of the giraffe toy thingy in Drew’s mouth…
The damage.
Nurse on phone convinces us to go to ER.
We wait.  First nurse looks and says, “Wow,” and then sends us back out to the waiting room.
Nurse comes out and says on second thought we should see doctor ASAP.
Next nurse looks and says, “Woah.”
Resident looks and says, “How did you do that?”
Real doctor looks and says, “My…”
In the end there wasn’t much to be done, just left with instructions to eat soft foods and watch for infection.
Isn’t it a rule of nature that when dads leave, there will inevitably be a need for a plumber, mechanic, or doctor in the first 48 hours??? I grew up with an Air Force dad and know this to be true.
Drew is doing fine, though he says it hurts worse today.  Gonna keep an eye on him and just rest- always a good plan on the Sabbath.
Miss you, honey…

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