Our internet went down on Christmas Eve and just popped back up yesterday. So I should try to document our Christmas festivities but I’m just not sure where to start. We had a nice Christmas week with lots of guests and lots of food. It was the first Christmas where Drew seemed to really get the whole idea- the idea of presents and the story of Christ. So it was a challenge to help him think beyond getting gifts to the reality of truly celebrating the truth of Jesus’ birth. But it was fun.

On Christmas Eve, the Misawa clan came over to hang out. Above is the picture of Drew and the girls enjoying their pudding shakers (thanks for the idea, Rachel- its a hit!) They declared themselves the “Pudding team” and got quite a kick out of that. Drew is really into “Teams”. So far he has formed the Stega team, Green Team, Pudding team, and White-socks-gray-toes team. On every team, he seems to be the deciding factor on membership and rules.

We are thrilled to have two guys staying with us for the break. Both guys were involved in the house on some level and are now in college. It has been so cool to catch up and to watch them fit back in to life around here. Also, our good friend, Mel, is back in the States for a few weeks and she is hanging out this week.

Honestly, the week is a blur. Drew got sick on Christmas, leading to a few nights of little sleep. (Maybe that explains why I’m having such a hard time putting words together- I’m pretty worn out!) We’re getting ready for our house winter trip which starts on Sunday. Isaac started eating solids and loves it!

Isaac loves Brandon

We got so many great gifts from family and friends. Among Drew’s favorite is his wagon, candy smelling bath soap, Dino book with his name in it, and helicopter. Isaac seems to be a fan of his new blanket.

Hope your holidays were full- not just busy…

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