Childlike Faith

One of the best parts of Drew getting bigger is his increasing ability to know God. Lately we’ve been talking more about what prayer means, who God is, and trying to make it more of an everyday part of life. As I aspire to teach Drew, I find that he is teaching me.

Last week Drew’s Grandma Ruth was feeling sick one day and so we prayed for her. The next day at breakfast we thanked God that she was feeling better. (“Nama happy!” Drew said- in his mind, happy is the opposite of sick!) We were talking about how God made Grandma better and how He can heal us. Then we decided to sing a song to praise God.

Drew sat there in his high chair, his little syrup-covered hands lifted up, as I tried to think of a song to sing that would fit the occasion. Instead of waiting on me, he waved his hands and sang in a little sing-song voice, “Dod helps me. Dod make Nama better.” Then he folded his hands, said “Amen!”, and stuffed a bite of waffle into his mouth. I was stunned.

And I wondered, Why did I think we needed a song that someone else wrote to express how we feel about God? Is that what the Bible means when it says to sing a new song? At that moment I prayed that somehow God would preserve that in Drew, his ability to sing his heart and praise with childlike faith. Hopefully that will rub off on all of us!

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  1. Beck-He is too adorable! I love reading your posts. I usually check once a week. Hope you all are doing well. I love and think of you often.Kristy

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