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the hard work of parenting

This summery Monday morning finds us all outside in the backyard. We’re cleaning up from the aftermath of a gathering we hosted yesterday, so there are coolers to drain, chairs to collect, and pieces here and there to sort. We finished clean up and I started pulling weeds, trying to manage the ridiculous amount of uninvited growth that has popped up between the rose bushes we planted (“Oh! Are we growing grass with the roses?” asked the…

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why christmas matters

We went to a Christmas party last night. We got a sitter and made ourselves respectable and spent the evening with a lovely group of folks. The women huddled in the living room, just in the shadow of the twinkling tree, while the men gathered round the dining room table and talked about…well, I’m not sure what they talked about. Eventually, we all got together, pulling chairs to join us near the tree,  and played a few…

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