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Hey there, reader. Here’s a few things that have been on my mind lately. I loved the baby phase. I loved newborns and baby smiles and morning snuggles. But you guys- this big kid life is pretty sweet. It snows and they shovel. Their laundry baskets fill up and they handle it. They feel hungry and they make themselves a snack. Of course they still need me- to mediate fights and to nod as they…

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Dear teenage years

Dear teenage years, I see you coming, closer and closer with each passing day. But now you are no longer a thing on the horizon or a season that is years away. Suddenly you’re the next exit, ten miles out, close enough to count down. We’re 22 days from having a teenager in our family. There’s a lot to unpack in the statement. That means we’ve been parents for almost 13 years. It means we…

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the hard work of parenting

This summery Monday morning finds us all outside in the backyard. We’re cleaning up from the aftermath of a gathering we hosted yesterday, so there are coolers to drain, chairs to collect, and pieces here and there to sort. We finished clean up and I started pulling weeds, trying to manage the ridiculous amount of uninvited growth that has popped up between the rose bushes we planted (“Oh! Are we growing grass with the roses?” asked the…

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Bible memory, part 2

If you haven’t read the previous post titled “thoughts on memorizing the bible with your children”, this will make a lot more sense if you check that out first. You can scroll down or click here.I have a few minutes this evening so I thought I’d give a few ideas of Bible passages that you can use and then answer Alicia’s question in the comments of the last post.I don’t think there is necessarily a…

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