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thoughts on filling your plate

Last spring my husband and I were talking about a job opportunity that had come my way. It wouldn’t require me to be away from the kids or change our own family schedule all that much, but still, it was more responsibility. More to juggle. More. Garrett asked the question, “If you add this, what would you take off your plate?” I blinked at him in confusion. And then he said something he’s said on…

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152 insights into my soul motherhood

twelve years ago this week {thoughts on loss & hope}

It happened on a Friday night. That morning we had been to the midwife, double checking to make sure that the off and on bleeding didn’t mean what we feared it might mean. We saw the heart beating like a pulsing little bean on the ultrasound screen.  The baby is fine. Go home and rest. Come back if you start cramping.  The cramping began late afternoon. There’s a lot to tell in that simple story…

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what your messy house says about you

This post has been a longtime coming. I’ve written and re-written in my head, in my sleep, in my minivan as I turn up the radio. It’s not the thing I want to write- not here, not now, not on the internet. But sometimes there’s something that just wants to be said, and I guess this is one of those things. So here we go.  We started back to homeschooling towards the end of August. With…

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a summer’s worth of posts

I had high hopes for blogging this summer. Well, not that high. I guess it would be more accurate to say I had a few things that I had hoped to write about in the sunny months behind us. A steady stream of things distracted me and so here we are in August, and those things I meant to write are still just things I meant to write. Until now. Here’s the quick list of my…

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the hard work of parenting

This summery Monday morning finds us all outside in the backyard. We’re cleaning up from the aftermath of a gathering we hosted yesterday, so there are coolers to drain, chairs to collect, and pieces here and there to sort. We finished clean up and I started pulling weeds, trying to manage the ridiculous amount of uninvited growth that has popped up between the rose bushes we planted (“Oh! Are we growing grass with the roses?” asked the…

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