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staring up the mountain {deep breaths for the coming homeschool year}

It’s that time of year again, that time when suddenly school clothes are front and center and the dollar aisle at Target has flash cards and workbooks. A few days back I rounded the corner in the aisles at Walmart and a wall-sized display of gold accented notebooks and folders was singing to me. Oh my word. I want one of everything, I thought. But with the glorious offering of beautiful school supplies, something else marks…

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152 insights into my soul kingdom living this and that

on finding your people

Last year I sat in a homeschool training session where the speaker was talking about letting your kids be kids. She lamented her own tendencies toward control and cleanliness and frequent ‘no’s’ when it came to creating. Then she mentioned how her friend’s house was the opposite, all piles and crafts and art and creativity bursting from every homemade mural. “I’m a neat freak, but my friend is really a free spirit,” she concluded. At this…

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why colorblind is not the answer

Years ago, I stood at a table in Burger King, snapping an unwilling toddler into a high chair while trying to keep an eye on my preschooler who had gone in search of napkins to clean up the sticky table. The toddler arched his back in protest, legs kicking and chubby hands pushing me away, then opened his mouth to scream. I offered him a french fry, and turned to see my four-year old come back with a…

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152 insights into my soul kingdom living

forever and ever, til death do us part

I seem to write a lot about expectations. I think you could reasonably say that meeting expectations and sensing expectations and redefining expectations have all been themes of my last decade. Because parenting and homeschooling and adulting and growing up…well…they just haven’t been what I expected. And then there’s marriage. How can you know at the start (how can anyone know at the sweet and silly and blissfully hopeful age of 21) what life will be…

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152 insights into my soul kids kingdom living motherhood

on embracing advent when your arms are already quite full

It’s Advent again, that magical time of year when we scour pinterest and make lists and vow that this will be the year when do the season (and our expectations) justice. It’s Advent again, which means let’s declutter the house and pull out decorations and make it meaningful yet simple yet age appropriate yet not obnoxious. And amazing. Don’t forget to make it amazing.  It’s Advent again, which means Christmas shopping is sneaking up on you…

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