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a summer’s worth of posts

I had high hopes for blogging this summer. Well, not that high. I guess it would be more accurate to say I had a few things that I had hoped to write about in the sunny months behind us. A steady stream of things distracted me and so here we are in August, and those things I meant to write are still just things I meant to write. Until now. Here’s the quick list of my…

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152 insights into my soul homeschool kingdom living

when my daughter met ruby bridges

It was a typical library trip: well-meaning, part educational/part mental health boost to get us out of the house, started well but quickly disintegrated. The kids rounded up books and perused the movies (they’re old school and like to watch DVD’s) and then fought over the computers as I shooshed them and gave them the ‘mom glare’ from across the way. The toddler dumped out a puzzle box. The oldest lamented that all the good…

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why christmas matters

We went to a Christmas party last night. We got a sitter and made ourselves respectable and spent the evening with a lovely group of folks. The women huddled in the living room, just in the shadow of the twinkling tree, while the men gathered round the dining room table and talked about…well, I’m not sure what they talked about. Eventually, we all got together, pulling chairs to join us near the tree,  and played a few…

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152 insights into my soul kingdom living

side effects of a fenced in life

We live in an old school neighborhood that still has alleys. Oh sure, some streets have that modern luxury of the front driveway and the garage, but most of us are cruising up and down the one lane alleys and parking in back. It creates some funny dynamics (kids who are very confused about the front and back door). It creates some hard realities (the city doesn’t clear snow from alleys). But it also means…

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staring up the mountain {deep breaths for the coming homeschool year}

It’s that time of year again, that time when suddenly school clothes are front and center and the dollar aisle at Target has flash cards and workbooks. A few days back I rounded the corner in the aisles at Walmart and a wall-sized display of gold accented notebooks and folders was singing to me. Oh my word. I want one of everything, I thought. But with the glorious offering of beautiful school supplies, something else marks…

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