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Dear teenage years

Dear teenage years, I see you coming, closer and closer with each passing day. But now you are no longer a thing on the horizon or a season that is years away. Suddenly you’re the next exit, ten miles out, close enough to count down. We’re 22 days from having a teenager in our family. There’s a lot to unpack in the statement. That means we’ve been parents for almost 13 years. It means we…

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what your messy house says about you

This post has been a longtime coming. I’ve written and re-written in my head, in my sleep, in my minivan as I turn up the radio. It’s not the thing I want to write- not here, not now, not on the internet. But sometimes there’s something that just wants to be said, and I guess this is one of those things. So here we go.  We started back to homeschooling towards the end of August. With…

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a summer’s worth of posts

I had high hopes for blogging this summer. Well, not that high. I guess it would be more accurate to say I had a few things that I had hoped to write about in the sunny months behind us. A steady stream of things distracted me and so here we are in August, and those things I meant to write are still just things I meant to write. Until now. Here’s the quick list of my…

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when my daughter met ruby bridges

It was a typical library trip: well-meaning, part educational/part mental health boost to get us out of the house, started well but quickly disintegrated. The kids rounded up books and perused the movies (they’re old school and like to watch DVD’s) and then fought over the computers as I shooshed them and gave them the ‘mom glare’ from across the way. The toddler dumped out a puzzle box. The oldest lamented that all the good…

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152 insights into my soul motherhood

the difference in a decade

My oldest turns twelve this Sunday. Twelve. The number before thirteen. Twelve. Halfway to twenty-four. Twelve. Four years to driving.  One dozen years of motherhood all wrapped up in that gangly boy whose head is inching up by the day. Today I still look over him, but tomorrow… well, we’ll be eye to eye pretty soon. And now he’s almost twelve. It snowed a few days back, and he shoveled the walks, threw snowballs at…

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