Boys will be boys

We had some friends over for Labor Day and their three-year old daughter said, “Why don’t you have any pink things in your house?” I replied, “Its just a bunch of boys around here.” She looked at me very sympathetically and went back to playing. What she noticed is quite true…there isn’t much pink in this house full of male rascals. In fact, I live in a home of super-boys.

At the rugby game last week, Drew made some new friends, two little guys about his age. I watched him go over to them and ask them to play. One little boy asked what they would play, Drew responded, “Let’s tackle!” So the boy took off running and Drew proceeded to chase him down, pull him down, and then roll around together in the dirt. Both were screaming with glee. Boy games…I don’t get it.

In this photo, the older boys (who will remain nameless) thought it would be funny to draw chest hair on Drew and have him go around saying he’s David Hasselhof. The other guys who showed up in the evening thought this was hysterical. Boy humor…I don’t get it.

And here is a shot of Garrett’s first rugby game. For those of you who aren’t familiar with rugby, its basically football played at the speed of soccer- without any pads or helmets. My husband is having a fabulous time, though he is currently in pain from a rib injury last week. I don’t really understand why anyone would willingly subject themselves to this sport but he loves it. Boy hobbies…I don’t get it.

The least ornery member of this herd is Isaac, who has yet to do or say much. Sometimes he has a little smile on his face and twinkle in his eyes that makes me think he is scheming about something. I’m faced with the reality that given the male influences in his life, he too will be “all boy” as they say.

Though I joke and marvel at the difference, I’m thrilled to have a family of active and hearty boys. Garrett has been telling Drew what boys do. If you ask Drew he will say several things, “Potect girls from big animals, kiss mom, be strong, and buy flowers.”
I’d say that’s a pretty good start.

3 thoughts on “Boys will be boys”

  1. your pics are so fun! It’s like taking a peek into your life. Your boys sure look cute, even if they are a handful. The chest hair pic is a keeper for sure. 🙂

  2. Hey Becky,You got that right! Boys will be boys – and I don’t get it either.After rasising 3 of them – and married one – I still really don’t get it! I love the posts and enjoy the pics.Love,Leslie

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